1502 Sawyer St #108

Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (346) 335-7973


Ashkan Roayaee

I capture a moment in time because the universe will inevitably change all, and if that moment is not captured it will be lost.”

Born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran and currently residing in Houston, TX. A graduate from METU in Ankara, Turkey in 2009 with a degree in Biology.  A self-taught photographer who has been professionally active since 2008. His current photography focus is Bodies in Motion within the Greater City of Houston, primarily with Ballet dancers.  The collaboration with the dancers and Ashkan is a chance to dive deeper into both arts by providing the precise perspective of the components that make these moments so spectacular. The composition, alongside the lighting of the images, and the relentless beauty of dance captured in that instant for the spectator to observe for their enjoyment.

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